1 · Introduction

Inpainting dataset consists of synchronized Labeled image and LiDAR scanned point clouds. It captured by HESAI Pandora All-in-One Sensing Kit. It is collected under various lighting conditions and traffic densities in China.

2 · Data Download


3 · Data Structure

The folder structure of the Inpainting Dataset is as follows:

1) xxx-yyy_mask.zip: xxx.aaa.jpg is original image. xxx.aaa.png is labelled mask of cars.

2) xxx-yyy.zip: Data includes ds_map.ply, global_poses.txt, rel_poses.txt, xxx.aaa_optR.xml. ds_map.ply is dense map build from lidar frames.

3) lidar_bg.zip: lidar background point cloud in ply format.

4 · Publication

Please cite our paper in your publications.

DVI: Depth Guided Video Inpainting for Autonomous Driving [PDF] [Github] [BibTex]
Miao Liao and Feixiang Lu and Dingfu Zhou and Sibo Zhang and Wei Li and Ruigang Yang
ECCV 2020